365ARTICLE: 5 Tips To Living A Positive Life With No Worries

One of the biggest problems affecting every day of man’s life is living with worries and regrets.

To me, causes of worries and anxieties comes from trying to dwell in your past and leaving the present beautiful plans God has for you and forgetting that you have to live and love the moment.

Below are 5 simple ways and tips to exercise in other to do away with worries and anxieties in everyday of our life.

1. Hang out with positive people only.

Hanging out and working together with positive people gives you the good and positive feelings you need everyday.

Never have anything to do with or deal with negative people that always bring you down or hurt you.

Life is too short to be living and hanging out with negative people who tries every means to bring you down, live and hang out with positive people that will always bring out the best in you.

2. Free your mind from bad thoughts, always think positive.

Thinking of your ugly pasts won’t make things better or ease get you out of it but worsen the issue so why not forget all the bad pasts and take some time to think positive to.

Your mind is a very strong asset you have and you can make it work for you the way you direct it.

Do you want to be thinking of your ugly pasts or escape your mind from them and direct your minds on what you really want out of life?

Thinking of your pasts or having bad thoughts will only delay you of what you have in front of you coming.

3. Avoid being idle, live life in the present.

There’s a saying that goes “An idle hand is a devils workshop” which simply means a man that has nothing at hand to do will be given an unwanted task to do by the devil.

Sitting down idle doing nothing will always bring you unwanted thoughts, there’s no way you can escape that. The only way to escape bad thoughts is engaging yourself in things to do.

Get busy with your life, if you are not busy working then you should have hobbies to do at your leisure time, things you like to do for fun like reading novels, watching movies (comedies, action, adventures), video games and so on, just get yourself doing something or the other that surely benefits your life.

4. Do not let peoples words or opinions about you bring you down.

Always remind yourself of one thing that your own opinion about your life and how you live it will count at last.

What people think of you and say about you doesn’t count and it depends on how you take it, some people will talk just to hurt you or bring you down, please do not allow that.

Everyone is the author of their life and you are entitled to how you decide to write your own life and how you live it so far what you do makes you happy and does not affect other people’s life.

Your happiness should matter most to you in all you do.

5. Always talk to God in prayer.

Prayer changes situations, that’s one thing you need to know. Never for once doubt every prayer you say cos it will come to pass sooner or later in one way or the other.

Whenever you’re living a good life, pray! when things go wrong pray! There’s no special time to pray to God, in the morning, afternoon, night, midnight, talk to your God in prayer.

If you have something bothering your mind or going through a hard time and don’t feel like sharing with anyone then talking to God silently in prayer is the only solution.


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