365ARTICLE: 7 Tips For Sleeping Peacefully At Night

7 Tips For Sleeping Peacefully At Night.

Scientific proof says over 40% of people on the planet Earth finds it hard to sleep peacefully and enjoy their sleep when its night time due to some reasons or the other.

Some people finds it hard to sleep at night due to insomnia which is caused mainly by having a stressful day at work or due to family and life responsibilities and challenges hanging right there in the head throughout the long day.

Below are 6 good tips jotted down by me that I think might help in sleeping good and enjoying your night rest and I hope it helps out.

1. Maintaining a good work balance:

Peace and good sleeping habit is always guaranteed when you do the right things at the right time, doing your work and things to do on time and perfectly stopping procrastination is a good habit and I think that keeps your head and mind very light making you feel good and fulfilled from inside through out the day before going to bed to sleep at night, don’t leave any stone unturned before sleeping.

2. Practice 5 minutes deep meditation before going to bed:

Deep meditation while seating in a comfy environment really helps you a lot before going to sleep.

What that really does is that it keeps your mind and thinking straight and brings your positive mind back on track after a hectic and maybe unfulfilled day, deep meditation makes you feel the presence and keeps your mind steady.

Meditate for up to 5 minutes every night and let your mind and soul feel the goodness of life before sleeping.

3. Take off “Could have, would have and should have” hanging on your head before sleeping:

Never let what you could have, might have, should have get on your nerves when you are about to sleep at night, let it all go and sleep good while you get your mind ready for a new day coming which is a new beginning for new chances, opportunities and achievements.

4. Never eat heavy food before going to sleep at night:

Eating heavy foods before sleeping at night is a really bad habit that you need to stop if nobody has ever told you before, eating a very light food like snacks or fruits with soft drinks eases the mind and soul and makes your body feel light, flexible, free and movable while sleeping.

5. Play and listen to slow musics to keep your head calm before sleeping:

As for me, I have many selected blues CDs and separated playlists on my iPod that I do listen to at night before sleeping, try listen to Celine Dion classics, Whitney houston, R Kelly, don Williams and Lionel Richie oldies and some other cool musics and put them on shuffle before sleeping off.

6. Keep the room well ventilated:

If it’s not raining or snowing or the weather is too cold at night, you can keep the windows open for a cross ventilation or better still keep the fan rolling and blowing well before you sleep for keeping you fresh and your breathing at ease.

7. Always pray before sleeping:

Remember to pray to God your creator before sleeping regardless of your religion or beliefs because this really keeps your soul in a close and intimate fellowship God.

Make your problems and worries known to him in prayer cos everyone has one or the other, do pray every night and through that imposibilities become possible.

Prayer is still the master key!

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