“Politicians Are The Drug Dealers Of Nigerian Youths” – Says Emir Sanusi Mohammed II

The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Mohammed II, has slammed politicians and elites for encouraging drug use among the youths in Nigeria.

Speaking at the opening of a two-day Senate Roundtable on the Drug Abuse Epidemic at Bristol Palace in Kano, the Monarch criticized politicians for encouraging drug abuse and use.

He added that government should implement laws that tackle drug abuse and also prosecute those who pay youth to do vile things by plying them with drugs.

He described drug use as a time bomb in Nigeria and also a root cause that is destroying the lives of Nigerian youths who are leaders of tomorrow.

According to the nation, the monarch stated that “We are sitting on a time bomb as leaders of tomorrow are gradually destroyed through drugs, and their future destroyed.”

While describing drug use as an enemy of Nigeria, the Senate President who was also present at this meeting added that

“The time has come to look that enemy in the face and say – enough. And by your standing up to be counted at this roundtable, it is clear you share the sense of alarm over this issue and recognise the urgent need to do something about it.”

The Emir of Kano further urged that the law should compel every Nigerian political and religious leader, including lawmakers, governors and traditional rulers, to undergo drug tests.

Leading by example, he offered to subject to a drug test and stated that “Anybody with an element of drug abuse found in him should quickly resign his position because he is not fit to hold public position.’’



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