365ARTICLE: 5 Steps To Follow To Enjoy Your Love Relationship With Your Soul Mate

First thing to talk about is the true definition of a love filled relationship, the real meaning of a relationship according to TheFreeDictionary defines it as. “1”. “A strong feeling of affection and concern toward another person, as that arising from kinship or close friendship. “2”. “A strong feeling of affection and concern for another person accompanied by sexual attraction”.

I believe everyone has different views, perspectives and opinions about life most especially when it comes to love life talking from experience.

However in my own view according to my own experience, I wrote down this 5 guidelines to follow in other to have a happy, lasting and enjoyable relationship with your partner.

1. Never expect too much from your partner:

In my own view about a good and lasting relationship which might end up in a happy married life, you must first stop taking your partner as a financial means or source, your spouse is not a means of getting money all the time, I didn’t say you shouldn’t help each other financially but when all your thought before getting together with him or her is the money or gifts you will get then you won’t have a happy and love filled relationship.

Its good to help each other in a relationship but don’t take it as an advantage by making your partner your source of income. Both side should work harder in other to make ends meet.

2. Always keep your relationship life a secret before you’re ready to take your partner to the alter.

Relationship this days must be based on true love that is to say you must have no other thing in mind than the true love that must be the leading reason you’re together.

Letting people know who you’re dating, might me little or less will really ruin things, I’m talking according to my own personal experience and I didn’t know about you but I know this will work out for anyone who really wants to enjoy their relationship and make it last.

So many people you tell are your haters and are not happy for you finding true love, intruders may come in between you and causing unnecessary drama for you till they see you broke up, know who you tell about your relationship life with your spouse.

3. Never let beauty be the only reason you are in love with your partner, see other reasons too.

To me, beauty is nothing but what i always look into is the soul, what are the qualities of your partner, is he or she only pretty or handsome or intelligent, smart, deep thinker, and have a dream and vision together with you?

These are the good reasons you have to look into before taking your final decisions with who you go in a relationship with and finally take to the alter for marriage. I believe the goal of every relationship is ending in a happy and harmony home together.

Chose carefully and follow your instinct in other to chose the right one.

4. Always keep a close fellowship with your partner, do not let distance be a barrier.

Distance do kill relationships according to my own personal experience, when you’re dating someone, do not let the long distance be the reason you’re cheating or thinking otherwise about your partner.

We are in a work of communication and technology, some apps are there on your phone like WhatsApp, Snapchat and other apps to keep talking to him or her or making frequent calls to make sure you keep each other in heart and soul always.

Close communication and visits to your partner do really help things.

5. Do not be secretive, be ready to always open up with your partner in your relationship.

In a relationship, both of you should know the fact that situations arise sometimes and mistakes are often made, so instead of holding the things you need to let him or her know then find a good time together to talk things out and share your mind and thoughts together to make sure that there is nothing to hide.

Its a free world, be ready to share your past and experience with your partner, know your partners weakness and don’t use that as an opportunity to hurt him or her but to guide in the right path till you finally come together in a happy and harmonic wedlock.

I hope this steps and personal experience experience of mine helps you build a love filled, happy and long lasting relationship.

Enjoy your relationship!

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