Check Out These 7 Beautiful Tips On How To Enjoy Your Morning Breakfasts [Article]

It is best said that what you do early is always done best which in other way means what you do first thing when you’re up is always sweet and enjoyable.

Have you tried early morning sex before? Well, the same thing applies when it comes to meals.

A breakfast to me is the first meal you take when you’re up in the morning weather its a solid food or liquid, and to me this deserves a good taste, you should enjoy it cos its been taken after long hours over the night which is a fasting period unknown to you either you’re sleeping or up doing something.

However, below are the 7 good tips i got together for you to follow in other to enjoy your early morning breakfast.

1. Brush your teeth and let your mouth ooze with good fresh breeze before pouncing on your breakfast.

Well, its normal to brush your teeth first thing in the morning cos it gives your mouth a nice and lovely mint to have a good taste bud, brushing your teeth makes you get more appetite to enjoy your breakfast.

Try and make sure your mouth breeze is cool by breathing in and out with your mouth after brushing your teeth and gum, I bet you will enjoy your meal more after doing this.

2. Breakfasts are better served hot or warm, be it liquid or solid.

Your breakfast should not be cold, first reason is that you’re just waking up in the morning and the weather is cold already and any of your location all over the world is not concerned, you need something hot or better still warm.

If your food is cooked the other night before sleeping then first thing in the morning is you putting your food in the microwave to warm it up in other to make it more enjoyable.

3. Serve your meal with a drink besides, a cup of coffee or hot tea does it better!

The white people, Americans, Canadians, Mexicans and most of the south Asian sides don’t joke with their cup of coffee first thing in the morning if you have lived, worked or been a partner with them before and this is simply because of their cold weather.

Now the good news is that same thing applies in African countries cos its always cold in the morning no matter your location so that’s why your meal deserves a hot/warm coffee or tea besides to ease the inflow and digestion when you’re done eating.

Don’t forget to reduce the sugar content in your coffee or tea when you’re preparing it, adding up honey too isn’t bad cos any content of honey be it little or plenty won’t affect your body system in any way.

4. Allow good ventilation to stay chilled while eating your warm or hot breakfast.

Me myself likes to remove my clothes and let my underwear remain on me while eating and if you ask me why then I will tell you its simply because of good ventilation.

You’re eating a hot or warm food already and you will need a good ventilation, so therefore let there be a close source of air passage while eating your breakfast, either through your opened window, air condition stand and better still a fan to give you a cool breeze.

5. Don’t let your breakfast be heavy, some light food is better for starting a good day.

Taking heavy food before going to bed same as first thing in the morning to me is not really encouraging cos of your daily activities weather you’re an office worker, government worker or self employed because heavy food weighs down your body and it also slows down your thinking ability weather you believe it or not, that’s one truth you need to know.

This works good for my own body system and I don’t know weather If it’s gonna work for you as well but I will advise you give it a try.

I like to take noodles and eggs, fried potatoes with pepper sauce, spaghetti with fried plantains in a little quantity for breakfast.

6. Try a little exercise early in the morning before eating your breakfast.

An early morning exercise is very advisable before you take your breakfast, this is simply because it runs your whole body and digests that yet to be digested food in your system, gets your blood stream, your veins, your digestive tracts well ready for the first food for the new day, this will make you sweat out.

Running on a spot, road jugging, body stretching exercise and some other gym activities gets your body system well prepared for your morning breakfast.

7. Multivitamins, food supplements also goes with your morning breakfast.

That good looking friend of yours at work with that radiant & smooth skin might not tell you his or her secret but the truth is most of them buy themselves multivitamins and food supplement pills which they take after each and every meal most importantly after breakfasts.

Your weekly and monthly income should not be spent on heavy food stuffs & creams only but you should be focused on getting vitamin rich pills and food supplements because it really aids your body functions and makes your skin glows and smooth all through the day.

Buy some and take them according to the written prescriptions on it after each and every breakfast then notice that change your body system needs, give it a try and watch mother nature appreciate the good quality of your body.

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