TECH: Robots To Take Over Human’s Industrial Performances By 2024

If you have been a good follower of technological inventions and researchs then you will surely believe with me that work is always going on each and every day all over the globe.

The leading countries in Tech, countries like China, US, Japan and so on have been going extra mile every blessed day making the Technology world expand and reach out to the world for easy and better living.

Robots are machines built in human form for performing extra tasks/works that man does on daily bases, this new Robotic invention has so many advantages and so we can boldly say they have been helping productivity in our present age.

With this new invention, all jobs will be automated and become easier to do.

According to the World Economic Forum #Al has been performing extra research in the Robotic world and by 2024, robot machines will be able to drive Trucks, Play musical instruments, send on errands, writing high school essays, translating languages and so many other heavy tasks that man does.

However, in this short documentary video below, it has been made known that the technology world has not been slowing down and has been making progress of recent.

Watch the documentry video below or better still download to your device;


This is something great, I hope everyone expects this and I personally can’t wait for this to happen.


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