365ARTICLE: 5 Ways To Confirm If Your Partner Loves You Or Just Playing Around [Must Read]

Love this days have been a thing of play to many people and not appreciated like before and that’s why many people are confused on choosing who to spend the rest of their life with.

Love to me should be reciprocal and not one sided expectation, the most reason why people find it hard to fall in love is the trust issue, if you’re a man and dating a lady whose heart has been broken before then you will not find your love life as sweet as you want, same thing vice versa.

Below are 5 proven ways to know if your partner loves you or just playing you.

1. He or she doesn’t leave you when your pocket is dry.

Money this days has been the most reason why 80% of people go into a relationship, many boys and girls go into a relationship in other to extort their partner or use them for their own financial gain only and hereby dropping them when they are of no use to them any longer.

However, you need to watch it carefully by testing if he or she only wants to use you only for their selfish interest. You have your ways of doing that.

2. He or she let’s their family and friends know about you.

If your partner hides you from their family and friends then you should watch it carefully, he or she may be using you to pass time or having you around just for fun and not taking you serious.

Heartbreak is not a thing of joy and you need to run away from that, don’t let someone play with your heart or love feelings.

3. He or she is proud of you and shows you off anywhere anytime.

If your lover can not say it publicly and ready to let people that are concerned and not know that you are in a relationship with them then you may just be an option or thing of play to them.

Some ladies go into a relationship just to make you an option and when they see that the other partner is doing better than you then they flee off to the other. You should have your reasons and avoid that. Its all up to you.

4. Your partner is always happy and smiles whenever you are together.

When you are together with your partner, watch it closely how they feel, is he or she happy whenever they see you, does he or she smiles and look happy? These are the things you need to look closely in other to know whether you are in an harmonic and happy relationship or not.

Your feelings need to be mutual, love should not be forced, it should be the same feeling.

5. Your partner takes their time to contact you anytime any day just to check on you.

Your time is very important to you as the same as money is and shouldn’t be wasted on unimportant issues.

So if your partner take their time like always to check on you and ask of your well living then they are really interested in you and not just playing around.

Take your time to look after the one you love in other not to lose them to someone else who appreciate them more.

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