New Study Reveals That The Young Americans Are The Loneliest [Watch Video]

The number of lonely and single people all over the world is fast increasing just because true love and happiness is getting very hard to find, trust issue is also part of it.

In America today, study has revealed that the highest percentage of young guys and ladies from the ages of 18 to 22 are the loneliest and the possible cause of this might be due to the new age of “No Love” trend and maybe trust issues.

Some young people have suffered heartbreak before and they find it uneasy to go into a new relationship thereby making them to stay single than going into the next relationship that they don’t know what might be the outcome.

Loneliness leads to depression and thats a very bad thing, the new generation’s “no love” trend needs to be fixed and love needs to be spread even though many people have their reasons for staying alone as stated in the above paragraph.

Enough sleep, work balance and good exercise is a good treat for loneliness and depression according to health experts.

However, the video below explains what it is to be lonely, talks about young Americans in particular.

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