See What Reno Omokri Has To Say About The Fraudsters Arrested At Club 57 [Must Read]

Nigerian award winning author and writer, Reno Omokri who is best known for his deep Nuggets and anti corruption government speeches talks about the arrest that occurred yesterday when the Economic and financial crime commission, EFCC Team arrested numbers of internet fraudsters at the Club 57 in Lagos.

He talked about the EFCC team not knowing where and who to chase for running after the young ones up and down instead of watching out for the bad government that obtains their power and position through lies.

He made mention of the present President Buhari’s government who got into the position with trickery means by promising the nation he’s changing petrol litter price to 40 Naira and 1 Dollar equality to 1 Naira.

Below is what he has to say about the incident that happened yesterday at club 57 when the EFCC arrested the young Nigerians trying to make ends meet.

“EFCC arrested Yahoo boys at Club 57. But isn’t Yahoo obtaining by trickery? Buhari obtained the @NGRPresident by trickery. He gave Nigerians fraudulent promises he never intended to keep such as ₦40 fuel and making ₦1 equal to $1. EFCC should face Buhari, the real Yahoo Man!”

However, read what his followers on his Twitter page has to say about this;

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