Facebook’s New Data Center To Be Built In Eagle Mountain, Utah

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has earlier announced their new invention which is the construction of their new data center site which happened to be the 13th of its type since Facebook incorporated was founded.

However, the site was said to be an upgraded edition powered with 100 percent clean and renewable energy.

According to him on his official page on Facebook, the young billionaire entrepreneur made analysis on their effort on making the new data center a more efficient one with a new cooling system.

The new Facebook data center in Utah

“Our 13th data center will be built in Eagle Mountain, Utah. All our new data centers are powered with 100% clean and renewable energy.

As important as using renewable energy is using as little energy as possible. So today we’re making our data centers more efficient with a new cooling system we’ve helped develop that will reduce the amount of water our data centers use to cool servers by more than 20% in hot climates and almost 90% in cooler climates.

This new technology will allow us to build data centers in places we couldn’t before helping us support more jobs and our growing community around the world.” Says the 34 years old Facebook CEO.

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