Floyd Mayweather Tops The World’s Highest Paid Athletes List [Read Details]

American heavyweight boxing champion, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has been hardworking, charismatic and on top of his game, the world class baller anyone can’t just deny and I’ve been following his recent updates.

The Forbes official website has released their list of top earning athletes and he made the it to the top of the list has he has been before.

Some top NBA athletes also made it to the 100 list of highest paid athletes with Lebron James who banked $85.5 Million with incomes from matches, endorsements and TV shows.

Now the legendary heavyweight champion they call “Money” himself is back on top heading the world’s highest paid athletes for the fourth time in seven years consecutively with a $275 million payday for his August boxing match against UFC star Conor McGregor.

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo also ranks among the three top-earning athletes for the sixth straight years, his $108 million haul over the past 12 months trails only Mayweather and Messi.

The top 10 of the list below shows their income rate but not with how they earn.

1. Floyd Mayweather, $285m [£212.8m]

2. Lionel Messi, $111m [£82.9m]

3. Cristiano Ronaldo, $108m [£80.7m]

4. Conor McGregor, $99m [£74m]

5. Neymar, $90m [£67.3m]

6. LeBron James, $85.5m [£63.9m]

7. Roger Federer, $77.2m [£57.7m]

8. Stephen Curry, $76.9m [£57.5m]

9. Matt Ryan, $67.3m [£50.3m]

10. Matthew Stafford, $59.5m [£44.5m]

Post source: 365MediaHub

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