TECH: New Camera Equiped Drones To Soon Take Over As Sky Patrol [Read More]

A lot of crime scenes taking place in all over the world and United states in particular has made the technology inventors go extra miles in making new camera equiped drones which flies above the sky to monitor large scale shopping malls, oultets and some other important places in the nukes and crannies of the states.

The world-leading drone company, DJI and connected law enforcement company, Axon have worked together to sell DJI drones to law enforcement agencies around the world.

The New Phantom 4 Pro Lifestyle 4.2. Photo Credit:

However, the Axon Air program offers international law enforcers DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro and Matrice 210 drones they made with guidance on how these can be employed to fight crimes for public safety according to

“A lot of people have questions about what exactly a police department would want a drone for. The uses are many, and many of them are quite remarkable — from monitoring large crowds to surveying traffic crash scenes to documenting crime scenes to search and rescue operations.

[In the U.K., police recently used a drone to] spot a semiconscious man in peril on the edge of a cliff. Because of that, they were able to get him to safety. It’s an important tool for law enforcement, whose value is becoming more and more clear.” Says Adam Lisberg of North American corporate communications director for DJI Technology.

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