Soldier Man’s Manhood Chopped Off In Lybia By A Commercial Sex Worker [Photos]

From the news getting to us right now from a closed source, a soldier man was caught outside a motel with a group of prostitutes molesting a soldier man from Sudan after having sex and refusing to pay in advance.

His manhood was said to have been cut into half with the lady’s mouth while pretending to give him a hot Blowjob after having sweet sex with her without paying in full.

He was later sent out while the lady in question called out numbers of other girls in the house and he was seriously molested.

As this is not a matter of law, the case was a jungle justice and the elders in the community have settled the matter.

From the speech the close source got from the man in his hostipital bed, he said: “I promised to pay the lady in full after we both agreed the full payment of 2500 Lybian dinar. I had a lot of fun and she satisfied me according to agreement but I later did not found the rest of the money I had I’m mind to pay her.”

“I told her I’m going to give her the next day when I come back and she agreed not knowing its a lie, she then asked me to take out my manhood that she wants to play with me, I agreed and what she did next is chop off my manhood into half spitting the rest on the ground, this was painful and I had no choice than to shout out, she called the other ladies on me to molest me, but truly it was all my fault”

The man in question has later agreed to pay in full and the lady also paid the full hospital bill which amounts to 65,000 in Lybian dinar.

More of the news still coming on board with more details, stay updated.

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