365Article: 5 Good Tips On Recording A Hit Music That Is Accepted Widely By Listeners

First thing to discuss in this new article is what a hit music is, a hit music to me is the song you record puposedly to pass a certain message across to your fans and listeners in order to get them entertained, informed & inspired and I think this should contain some certain criterias for your listeners to rate it as a good music and make it go more viral.

We have various types of music genres in circulation like Hip-Hop, Gospel, Afro-Pop, Dance Hall, Soul, RnB and so on.

However, to record that hit music you want everyone listening to you to enjoy, understand and grove to, you have to follow these 5 good tips i have penned down below in my own view.

1. Let your music lyrical contents be understandable by your listeners.

The first thing about recording a good music is the lyrical content, getting your music lyrics together is not something easy and what you have to work hard on. You can ask those that have been in the music scene for long.

Writing a good and understandable music lyrics requests a good inspiration and you to have to let it have some good lyrical contents.

If you are a gospel singer for example, you have to make your lyrics have more religious wordings depending on your religion to make it get more reach as you expect.

Never joke with your music lyrics cos it is one of those points that matters most when it comes to making a good hit music, music with no understandable lyrics will be considered a trash unless you are already a music icon that has already made a good name with your previous hits.

2. Good music production also counts when rating a hit music.

When you have a good music producer with a quality studio instrument then that will make you be rest assured to come out with a music with good recording quality.

A music producer with a good air tight studio, higher definition mic, good sound engine and so on will give your music more sound quality because that is also counted when rating a good hit music.

3. Your good voice is also part of the points in rating hit music.

Treating your voice to make it have a nice sound when voicing that song on the mic is very important, many artistes in today’s music industry have different ways of treating and maintaining their good voice.

Some believe in boiling water and adding some menthol content in it to treat their voice for example, of you are a gospel singer, you will need a good voice to make your music more sweeter and enjoyable to your listeners.

4. Don’t dull your listeners, let your music be more than lively with much passion.

Lively music can never be counted out when making a hit music because that will carry your music fans along.

You have to voice it like you really mean it, make your voice more louder on the mic and give it more passion.

Recording music with zero passion will make it sound dull and turn down your listeners mood no matter your genre of music. You have to give your song more passion to make it more lively.

5. Recording an evergreen music that talks about important events also count.

Talking about music that you listen to today and tomorrow and still sounds like song recorded yesterday is what I call evergreen music.

This Music/Songs can never ever fade due to the inspiration and all the good music quality that are gathered in only that particular song.

Most evergreen music talks about regular societal events like Marriages, Naming Ceremonies, Parties and so on. Evergreen music like Sunny Nneji’s “Oruka” still sounds fresh like yesterday song cos many marriage events can’t do without playing it to their invited guests.

Evergreen music gives you good vibes when listening and you can’t stop listening over and over due to how much it inspires & put you in good mood.

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