365Article: 4 Ways On How To Quit The Bad Habit Of Smoking And Its Addiction [Must Read]

Smoking has become rampant in the nowadays society and its addiction is the bad side of it all smokers need to deal with.

Some says smoking is injurious to ones health and has some bad effects on the body and some still never believe in the saying due to the fun derived from it.

Well I have some well written 4 ways below that you can follow in other to quit the smoking if you have been an addict.

1. Get yourself busy with other activities every day.

Forgetting the habit of smoking is not something easy and you can quit doing it with time. When you have a lot of tasks to get done in your daily activities then trust me you can easily forget to take that blunt or cigarette you think you can’t do without in your daily life.

Smoking as become part of some people’s lifestyle and quitting it can be very hard, you can quit smoking anyways if you get yourself busy with things to do everyday.

2. Start moving with people who doesn’t smoke and that might change your way of life.

When you start getting closer to those who doesn’t smoke then their way of life might make you to stop the bad habit and with time you will get along with how they live without them smoking.

Show me your friends and I’ll know who you are goes in this point and there way of life will surely impact yours which will make you to change and stop the bad habit of smoking.

3. Learn to say no to it when offered by those who does.

When you are trying your best to quit smoking and you are moving away from it gradually then you will need to move away from those who does because the peer pressure will push you to have it again when you are offered by those who does.

Try and move away from those friends that smoke and with time you will forget about smoking and get yourself back together.

4. Separate some special time to pray to God about the bad habit of smoking.

When you move more closer to God in prayer about the bad habit is smoking then God will surely make you believe you can do without it.

Find some special time to pray everyday and you will eventually quit the bad habit. You can as well seek for cancelling from your spiritual leaders and they will give you some good advice on it.

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