Bill & Melinda Gates Takes A Trip To Atlanta Georgia To Expand Their Work In The US

World’s richest couple Bill & Melinda Gates have recently been touring the United states to improve and expand their work outreach and so they decided to visit Atlanta, Georgia as part of their plan.

The Microsoft founder just of recent published a post on his official Facebook page explaining how badly he and his wife wants to touch the life of the poor and less privileged people both in the states and outside the country.

Below is what he wrote on his page;

“Melinda and I have been looking at how we might expand our work in the United States. Although we travel extensively to learn about the lives of poor people in other countries, we’ve done less of that in our own country. So last fall, we took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to learn more.

“What we saw reinforced the importance of education and made us think through other ways we could help Americans break the cycle of poverty. We haven’t decided how what we’ve been learning might affect our giving, but it has certainly had an effect on us: “

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