American Activist, Cynthia Nixon Shares Her Opinion On Legalizing Marijuana Use [Full Details]

American based Cynthia Nixon is a female Actor and progressive advocate running for governorship post in the New York, United states.

Cynthia Nixon

Her recent posts on social media platforms caught my attention on her non stop talk about the use of the world known recreational drug, Marijuana which most people finds harmful while some others finds it medicinal depending on what it does to you when used.

However, so many other legal practitioners in the US supports the movement while some are against it due to everyone’s different opinion.

In her own words, she talked about the different arms of the governments of the united states not meeting up to talk together in other to legalize the recreational drug which to her is something good to humanity if you know it works quiet good for you.

Her recent post on her Twitter page confirmed her interest and full support in the Marijuana use and wants all other states to legalize it just like DC and 8 others that already did.

In the below video posted by her, she noted so many good things you can use marijuana recreational drug for and some other advantages, watch the short video clip below and let us know your view as well, you can drop your comments below in the comment section;

To me, she’s talking from her own point of view and personal experience and i think she has’nt said something too bad or wrong but i know most people wont be in support as well when asked about their own view about the drug, it doesnt matter anyways as far as it is legalized all over the US and possibly in some other nations all over the globe.

See her recent quotes below supporting the movement;

Marijuana has already been legalized in over 8 states in the US with an age restriction and must not be used in the public but used in the private place.

You can follow her movement supporting the use of Marijuana by following this link Here.


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