365Article: 5 Useful Tips On How To Save Your Internet Mobile Data Bundle And Make It Last [Must Read]

An internet mobile data is the way or means by which mobile or PC users can gain access to the internet for surfing without using any wire or cable connection.

There are many mobile network companies all over the world and they all have mobile data included and available in the packages they sell out to their custormers. You would surely have bought one before if you are a frequent user of internet either on mobile or PC.

We have world recognized mobile network companies like Etisalat, MTN, Airtel, Globalcom, STC, Orange Et.c that makes internet usage available to all their various users all across the globe.

Many work fields, offices and shopping outlets require the use of internet and they can’t do without it in their daily activities to carry out important tasks such as payment transactions, gathering useful information on the internet and so many other usefulness.

Below I am going to pick and discuss 5 good ways by which you can save your internet data plan & make it last longer.

1. Don’t stream movies or videos with longer hour duration on the net, download lesser quality on your device instead:

Your mobile data lifespan sometimes doesn’t meet up with the amount of data sold to you, lets take for example, if you buy 1Gig data plan which should last for a month and you get on the internet just to stream some YouTube videos with longer hours then it will finish up and wasted even within days and not up to a month as you are told by your mobile network carrier from which you bought the data plan.

You should know what you bought your mobile data plan for and not used on internet movies you never planned to watch before opening your browser.

Download the videos in lower or medium qualities instead if you don’t have what we call unlimited access to the internet.

2. Disable all system updates be it on your mobile or PC once you subscribe to the internet:

Some hidden sources on your mobile phone, tablets or PCs like operating system updates which requires lagger amount of data bundle will be updating with your hard earned data and running on background once your internet is switched on or whenever you have access to any internet connection.

Now everything is all on you, if you have a lagger amount of data on your plan and its enough to cover and finish the OS update download then you can leave it switched on but if you are managing your smaller data bundle then you should switch the OS update off before switching on your internet data connection.

Smaller tasks like applications or system software update can be left on cos they don’t require lagger amount of data to update.

3. Set your browser’s Image quality to Low or Medium to make your internet data plan last longer:

Some websites on the internet this days are developed with higher quality Images, Backgrounds textures & also JavaScript functions and some other higher definition photos that requires a lot of data to open and view it so therefore you need to set your Browser Image Quality to low or medium in other not to exhaust your internet data plan before the due time.

Browsers like Opera Browser, UC Browser, Mozilla Firefox and others has the Image Quality switch function build in it so its up to you to chose which image quality option you want.

4. Open Mobile instead of Desktop versions on your device to save more data, you will enjoy same service anyways:

When you switch on your browser be it on your Android device, Tablets & iPads and you don’t want sites with higher quality images to waste up your data then you should allow mobile view instead of desktop version.

By doing this, you save your internet data plan and you will enjoy same service like messaging, profile viewing, status updating same as you do when you are on the desktop version of the website.

5. Switch off your Hotspot Access when your internet is on to stop nearby users from connecting without your consent:

Some internet users enable Hotspot Connection on their mobile or PC while surfing the web for their other devices to connect forgetting to set a password on their Hotspot connection.

Leaving your Hotspot connection on without setting a password known to you only will waste your data plan simply because someone smarter looking for free connections nearby will connect and use up your internet data bundles for free without you knowing.

So set a password on your Hotspot connection so that outsiders you don’t know won’t tap in without your consent.

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