365Article: 4 Useful Tips On Making Your PC’s Battery Life Last Longer As Expected [Must Read]

Your personal computer comes in 2 types, the Laptop and the Desktop and they both run different operating system, both are useful in their own different ways.

Now let us talk about your Laptop personal computer which comes with a battery either a single or dual cell, you already know your laptop computer can not do without a battery unless it was plugged directly to a power source.

My new article will be based on how to maintain your PC’s battery life and make it last longer. Below are the 4 good maintenance guide that i noted down for your personal computers battery.

1. Unplug your PC’s charger from the charging source once fully charged:

To give your PC battery a longer life span, you have to follow this first tip I have for you which is unplugging your charger from the charging source once you’re done charging your battery.

Leaving the charger there after the battery signal has reached the normal 100% will only get your battery life span shortened and the performance later on will get poorer.

Some battery may also get swollen if you always forget your PC charger on the charging point after charging the battery.

2. Remove your PC battery when not in use for a longer period of time:

Let’s take for example, when your Personal Computer is just there for no use maybe, you might have some other tasks to do maybe if you have to travel somewhere not in any way nearer to where you stay or maybe you have to do away with your PC for reason or the other them it will be advisable for you to remove your PC’s battery and keep it in a cool and dry place.

Keeping it somewhere cold or humid may get your battery spoiled and might reduce the quality it has before you left it unused for a longer time.

3. Switch off your PC when not in use:

Your personal computer preferably a Laptop computer requires and runs with a battery and you can’t leave it switched on when not in use.

Shutting your PC down when not in use will keep the battery life in balance and will not be drained off making it useful some other time when you really need it for an important task.

4. Reduce your PC’s screen brightness to make the battery last long after charging:

Reducing your PC screen’s brightness to the lowest percentage will give your PC’s battery duration some longer hours before it shuts down.

Taking for example, when your PC battery reads 4 hours at 100% when its on the highest screen brightness then there is a probability that it will use up to 6 hours and even more when at the lowest screen brightness.

This makes you understand that the battery life lasts longer when the screen brightness is at the lowest percentage.

You might leave the screen brightness switched fully on when your charger is connected to the power.

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